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Wine Cellars and Beverage Refrigerators
Marvel Sentry System™  

Marvel® Sentry System

Marvel's exclusive Sentry System™ refrigeration monitor operates in real time to actively maintain optimal preservation conditions. Many systems monitor cabinet air temperature and cycle on and off to meet the set point, creating a volatile environment. Our system uses intuitive controls to predict wine temperature based on demand. As a result, it engages the cooling system to make adjustments in temperature, creating a more stable environment like that of a natural wine cellar. The Marvel Sentry System™ is your peace of mind that your wine is properly preserved.

  • System monitors critical functions and provides visual/audible alarms for door ajar and over/under temperatures; visual alarm for power failure
  • Temperature is easily regulated by user
  • Display shows real time temperature of wine
  • Alarms can be disabled if desired
  • Temperature display has choice of Fahrenheit or Centigrade
  • System includes built-in, user-activated Sabbath mode