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Marvel Sentry System™  

Sentry System

Wine should be served at specific temperatures with reds at 64°F and whites at 42°F. Fluctuations or temperatures that are too cold or too warm won’t reveal the wine’s full flavor. Each of the two compartments in the Dual Zone Wine Cellar is monitored by Marvel’s exclusive Sentry System™, allowing each to be set and maintained at precise temperatures. As a result, reds or whites are ready to serve from either compartment

  • Exclusive Sentry System™ operates in real time to actively maintain optimal serving temperatures
  • Sentry System™ monitors critical functions and provides visual and audible alerts for door ajar, power failure and over/under temperature conditions
  • LED temperature display shows real time temperature of contents
  • Message center (far right on panel) displays system status
  • Digital touchpad controls and LED display are discreetly locate
  • Alarms can be disabled if desired
  • Temperature display has choice of Fahrenheit or Centigrade
  • System includes built-in, user-activated Sabbath mode