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Dual Zone Wine Cellar

Life is all about choices. And since you pride yourself in your discriminating taste, you'll appreciate all the luxurious choices that Marvel gives you when it comes to refrigeration products. Like you, we simply don't take "luxury" for granted: in fact, we re-define it in everything we make. We consider "quality" a commitment, and a direct reflection on our mission to make the best possible products. (That's why they are backed by Marvel's ironclad warranty.) We strive to deliver a wealth of luxury design options that cater to your artistic vision, while catering to your good taste.

When you look at Marvel's wide-reaching line of luxury lifestyle-enhancing products, you may be surprised to learn that we're the same company that provides critical refrigeration solutions to U.S. military forces stationed in the desert, and refrigerators for use in hazardous and explosive environments. In fact, Marvel's luxury consumer models are built and tested with the same high standards as the military and industrial line.